Welcome to the official website of Anila Singh, an influential and assertive public figure in India, known for her unwavering commitment to development politics, social service, and engaging media debates. As the dynamic spokesperson for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the world’s largest political party, Anila Singh has been a steadfast advocate for the concerns of citizens, addressing vital societal issues for over a decade.

Anila Singh, with her fervent dedication and profound understanding of our cultural roots, stands at the forefront of this movement, determined to preserve the essence of Bharat for generations to come. Explore more about her initiatives, perspectives, and contributions to the nation on this website. Together, let’s celebrate the spirit of Bharat and embark on a journey towards a culturally rich and harmonious future. As the dedicated Chairperson of the Antyodaya Foundation, Anila Singh tirelessly leads initiatives that aim to uplift the underprivileged and contribute to the welfare of society.

Anila Singh is married to Shri Anil Raj Kumar, an esteemed IAS (R) officer of the UP Cadre. His distinguished service adds to the family’s commitment to public service and societal development.

Professional Journey of Anila Singh

Welcome to the professional journey of Anila Singh, a dynamic and accomplished individual who has left an indelible mark across various domains. Anila’s diverse experience showcases her versatility and commitment to excellence.

Author of Books :

– Sovereign She

– Amrit Kaal

– Chairperson of Antyodaya Foundation:

  – An advocate for social welfare, she leads the Antyodaya Foundation, working towards uplifting the marginalized sections of society.

– Patron – Uttar Pradesh Jat Sabha:

  – Serving as a patron for the Uttar Pradesh Jat Sabha, she plays a crucial role in representing and addressing the concerns of the Jat community.

Director, Government Institute Of Medical Sciences, Greater Noida (UP):

Anila Singh served as the Director of the Government Institute Of Medical Sciences in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. In this capacity, she played a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape, contributing to the advancement of medical sciences and healthcare education.

Member of an Intellectual Group of Rashtriya Sevika Samitti:

Anila Singh is not just a professional but also an active intellectual, contributing her insights as a member of the esteemed Intellectual Group of Rashtriya Sevika Samitti. This involvement reflects her commitment to intellectual pursuits and social development.

Teacher, Jaipuria School, Lucknow:

With a passion for education, Anila Singh has imparted knowledge and guidance as a teacher at Jaipuria School in Lucknow. Her dedication to nurturing young minds showcases her belief in the transformative power of education.

Establishing Golds Gym, an International Gym Chain in Delhi NCR:

Anila Singh played a key role in bringing fitness to the forefront by contributing to the establishment of Golds Gym, an international gym chain, in the bustling region of Delhi NCR. Her efforts in promoting health and wellness have had a lasting impact on the fitness landscape.

Chairperson, A5 Health Solution Pvt Ltd, a Company Operating in Health & Fitness:

Anila Singh’s leadership extends to the corporate realm, where she served as the Chairperson of A5 Health Solution Pvt Ltd. This company operates in the dynamic and crucial sectors of health and fitness, emphasizing Anila’s commitment to promoting a healthier lifestyle.

This journey reflects Anila Singh’s diverse expertise, from steering educational institutions to fostering intellectual dialogues and contributing to the realms of health and fitness. Her professional trajectory is a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence and her ability to make a positive impact across various fields. Explore further to discover more about Anila Singh’s multifaceted contributions to the professional landscape.

Social Work Initiatives and Campaigns


Medical Camps for BPL Category:

Anila Singh has been at the forefront of healthcare initiatives, organizing and overseeing medical camps specifically tailored for the Below Poverty Line (BPL) category. These camps aim to provide essential healthcare services to those who need it the most, ensuring that basic medical needs are met for the underserved.

Youth Empowerment Seminars and Workshops:

Recognizing the potential within the youth, Anila Singh has actively organized seminars and workshops focused on youth empowerment. Through these platforms, she endeavors to inspire, educate, and equip young individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute meaningfully to society.

Women Empowerment Drives in Rural Areas of Western Uttar Pradesh:

Anila Singh is deeply committed to the cause of women’s empowerment, particularly in the rural areas of Western Uttar Pradesh. Her initiatives aim to uplift and empower women by providing them with education, skill development opportunities, and a platform to voice their concerns and aspirations.


OBC Upliftment Awareness Campaigns:

Anila Singh has been a vocal advocate for the upliftment of the Other Backward Classes (OBC). Through awareness campaigns, she strives to shed light on the challenges faced by the OBC community and works towards creating opportunities that lead to their social and economic upliftment.

#Wolitician Campaign:

Recognizing the need for increased representation of women in politics, Anila Singh spearheads the #Wolitician campaign. This initiative is dedicated to breaking gender barriers and encouraging the active participation of women in the political sphere. The campaign seeks to empower women to take on leadership roles and contribute to shaping the future of the nation.

Anila Singh’s dedication to social causes is evident through these impactful initiatives and campaigns. By addressing healthcare needs, empowering the youth, and championing the cause of women’s empowerment and OBC upliftment, she continues to make a significant and positive impact on the communities she serves.

Achievements of Anila Singh

Strong Woman Face on National and International TV:

Anila Singh has emerged as a powerful and influential figure, representing the strength and resilience of women on both national and international television. Through her articulate and impactful presence, she has become a symbol of empowerment, inspiring countless individuals across diverse audiences.

Participation in Different Conclaves and Seminars on Women’s Issues:

Anila Singh actively contributes to the discourse on women’s issues by participating in various conclaves and seminars. Her insightful perspectives and unwavering commitment to addressing the challenges faced by women have made her a respected voice in discussions that shape policies and perceptions.

“10th National Women Excellence Award 2017” by Yog Confederation of India:

Recognizing her exceptional contributions, Anila Singh was honored with the prestigious “10th National Women Excellence Award 2017.” This accolade, conferred by the Yog Confederation of India in association with the Indo European Chamber of Small and Small Enterprises, is a testament to her outstanding achievements in the realm of women’s empowerment.

“Global Smart Women Smart Cities Award 2019” by Magicka:

Anila Singh’s visionary leadership and impactful initiatives earned her the “Global Smart Women Smart Cities Award 2019” by Magicka. This international recognition highlights her innovative approach and significant contributions to creating smarter and more empowered communities.

Rashtriya Gaurav Samman:

Anila Singh received the esteemed Rashtriya Gaurav Samman, a recognition that signifies her remarkable accomplishments and exceptional service to society. This award acknowledges her dedication to making a positive impact on a national scale, reflecting the high regard in which she is held.

Anila Singh’s achievements are not only a source of personal pride but also serve as an inspiration to others, reinforcing the importance of dedication, advocacy, and leadership in creating positive societal change.