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India शब्द गुलामी का प्रतीक है, जबकि 'भारत' हमारी गौरवशाली परंपरा का उद्घोष है।

अभियान को समर्थन देने के लिए मिस्ड कॉल करें।

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Anila Singh – A Trailblazing Voice for Bharat

Welcome to the official website of Anila Singh, an influential and assertive public figure in India, known for her unwavering commitment to development politics, social service, and engaging media debates. As the dynamic spokesperson for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the world’s largest political party, Anila Singh has been a steadfast advocate for the concerns of Indian citizens, addressing vital societal issues for over a decade. Recognizing the need for increased representation of women in politics, Anila Singh spearheads the #Wolitician campaign. This initiative is dedicated to breaking gender barriers and encouraging the active participation of women in the political sphere. The campaign seeks to empower women to take on leadership roles and contribute to shaping the future of the nation.

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