India Nahi Bharat

Anila Singh spearheads the “India Nahi Bharat” campaign, a movement rooted in the belief that, for centuries, our land was referred to as Bharat before foreign invasions. It is a call to reclaim the pride of our ancient nation, which, despite being hailed as the “Golden Bird” and a global guru in shaping humanity’s path, has witnessed attempts to undermine its glorious culture, ancient civilization, and religious traditions. The campaign underscores the significance of the term “Bharat,” a sacred word that connects us emotionally, nationally, and spiritually.

Key Aspects of “India Nahi Bharat” Campaign
1. Connecting with Our Roots
   – Bharat is a name that resonates with our ancient culture and heritage.
2. Pride and Glory
   – This name instills a sense of pride in our identity.
3. Historical Reverence
   – Since ancient times, only the victory cry of “Jai Bharat Mata” has echoed, not “India.”
4. Sacred Mention in Scriptures:
   – References to Bharat can be found in our revered scriptures.

**Join the Movement – #IndiaNahiBharat**

The campaign invites every individual to ponder over the choice of naming our nation, whether to retain the name inherited from our ancient civilization and ancestors or succumb to the foreign-imposed term “India.” To be a part of this transformative journey, join the #IndiaNahiBharat movement and express your support by calling 70428-73491. Let us collectively reaffirm our connection with our ancient heritage and uphold the sanctity of the name “Bharat.”

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